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Here`s what people are saying about Jan Vinall Counselling and Hypnotherapy.

BK Berkshire

“Thank you Jan for really getting to the root of my issues. I felt you understood what tools I needed to move forward and always felt completely at ease in terms of confidentiality and your knowledge of your skills in making me feel relaxed and take a step- by –step approach to my problem. You didn’t make me feel I was being self-indulgent, but that it was a positive thing I was doing. Thank you.

PW Berkshire
Jan is the nicest and most approachable person I have ever met.I instantly felt at ease with Jan. Jan had helped me a huge amount and I would highly recommend anybody to have hypnotherapy with Jan "

BM Cambridgeshire
I have never had Hypnotherapy before, therefore I was quite nervous I need not have been.
Jan put me at ease and explained everything in great detail.
Jan has a very calming voice and presence, I felt very safe and comfortable.
Jan has helped me immensely.
I would thoroughly recommend Jan to anyone thinking of having therapy.

GD - Hampshire

I would thoroughly recommend Jan to anyone who might benefit from time with her. I wish I’d taken some action years ago. I found the whole experience straight forward and Jan put me at ease from day one.

LK- Berkshire

This was my first time with hypnotherapy and found it to be very helpful. I also found it very easy to talk to Jan, I felt very comfortable and very relaxed. Jan understood very well the problems I was having with my anxieties and the stress it was causing me. The help she gave me with hypnotherapy was very good. I can highly recommend Jan to anyone who is struggling in life with any kind of anxiety.


"I’d refer Jan to anyone in need of therapy. She will help heaps and make you feel very comfortable and at ease."

AR –Berkshire

“I felt like you really listened to me and paid attention to what I was saying. You gave me some very helpful techniques that were positive and effective, everything went very well “


“I can't thank Jan enough for helping me work through my issues. When I first arrived to see her I was a very stressed and anxious person due to work pressure and a looming life changing decision. Jan is so warm and open, she knows just how to work with you as an individual to get to the root of the problem. After working through my issues  I left her a very happy, confident and optimistic person. I could not have done it without her and found Jan's way of counselling just the thing I needed to get me on the right path again. I can't thank her enough!”

TC  Berkshire

I  couldn’t have picked a better hypnotherapist for my anxieties. She is reassuring and helps you to see things more clearly  because her questioning cuts through all the chaff. I use some of her techniques now to continue to train myself out of negativity.

I would certainly recommend her.  Thank you, Jan.


HL & AL- Berkshire

“I loved working with Jan. She made us feel comfortable and offered commonsense solutions to problems quickly without prolonging discussions.This meant we resolved many issues in our 6 sessions without it feeling rushed at all.

What we have learnt we will use throughout our marriage and we are sure we are stronger as a result”

CK Berkshire

It was really good to be able to discuss my worries with someone. Jan provided a calm and relaxed atmosphere, asking just the right questions to make me think about how best to deal with my anxieties.  I think we had narrowed down one of the main solutions within the first session, and it was good to feel back in control and have a plan of how to deal with a stressful event.  There was no pressure to have more sessions that necessary and Jan was happy to fit in with my hectic schedule.  I will definitely be back in touch again if I start to feel that I need external support again.Thanks Jan.


"Jan is great.  She has a very calm and comforting presence that made me feel very comfortable to open up – when I’m not actually that good at talking about issues I’ve had.  She has been able to help me come to a profound realization on my own for a problem that I knew was there but was very scared to say aloud.  It was an issue I had been struggling with for 2 years and actually been hiding to everyone (including myself).  Being able to work through this with Jan has been transformational – it lifted a huge weight off my shoulders!"

LB, Berkshire

Jan is very approachable and down to earth, and seemed to really understand that no issue is too big or small to be needing help with, if it is a problem for the individual.
She spent a good amount of time getting to understand the exact nature of the issue I wanted help with, not just in the first session but in subsequent sessions where she continued to clarify and remind me of the original issue - I had confidence that she would bring me back to the issue and not let me go too far off track with red herring side issues.
Although there were times where I became very emotional and tearful during a session, she continued to help me work through it in a sympathetic and professional manner and somehow the sessions always ended on a positive note about the progress made to date.  It was also clear from the way she started each session (with a brief recap of the issues and progress to date) that she had spent time between sessions considering what approach and direction to take next.
I would highly recommend Jan to anyone who is looking for a genuine, warm and caring counsellor to help them work through any issues they are struggling with.

Some time back I had an operation on my foot which was reputed to be a very painful procedure.  I was very anxious about the op as I had never had an anaesthetic before and was unsure of what to expect.  I had a few treatments of hypnosis carried out by Jan to help with my anxiety and pain management.  Firstly she did some relaxation exercises with me to make me feel more positive about undergoing the operation itself.  She then performed hypnosis to help with the post op pain.  I can honestly say I had no pain following my operation and generally felt much better about undergoing the knife!
Throughout the treatments Jan made me feel very comfortable and very normal.  Sometimes you can feel a bit daft when your scared, but with her caring approach, Jan put me at ease and made me feel much stronger about about having the procedure.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Jan to anyone in the same situation as me and I felt the treatments really helped.

KF Crowthorne

What a fabulous and very relaxing experience.
I do recommend hypnosis. it helped me through my exams and was delivered in a very professional manner.
Jan has a very relaxed approach and put me completely at ease.

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